Inhale Nasal Strips

Add Aveela Inhale Original, Clear, or Extra Strength Nasal Strips to your bedtime routine and experience deeper, more restful sleep. Experience instant relief as the Aveela Inhale nasal strips immediately and safely lift your nasal passages, improving air flow the moment you apply them. Our powerful but sensitive-skin friendly design improves air circulation by 31%.




Immediate Relief

Aveela Inhale nasal strips immediately open your nose up to improve air circulation by 31%, a major improvement over most allergy sprays. This simple snoring aid works as a nostril opener to provide sleep help and encourage air flow while exercising.

Snore Stopper

Enjoy the best snoring solution that works for men and women. The Aveela Inhale snoring strips relieve nasal congestion caused by the common cold, allergies, rhinitis, and deviated septum. Reduce or eliminate snoring while sleeping so you can snooze tonight and have a good morning tomorrow.

More Coverage & Superior Hold

Our safe, drug-free bands gently open up both nasal passages to allow your breathing to be quiet, deep, and effort-free. All Aveela Inhale products provide increased nose coverage and stronger hold where it’s needed most to effectively improve air circulation.

Pain Free Application & Removal

Our specially designed, skin-friendly adhesive is easy to apply and remove. Designed for all skin types and nose shapes, the Aveela Inhale strips reduce resistance that often causes pain during removal for individuals with little, medium, or large noses.

Sleep Better + Wake Up Better
+ Live Better

To prevent against snoring and promote better breathing, simply wash and dry your nose before applying the patch above your nostrils. Clear up nasal blockage in one convenient, clean, and mess-free step. No special kit, machine, or device required.

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Original, Clear, Extra Strength

What Our Customers Say


We pride ourselves in our products and our dedication to providing the top sleep solutions for snoring and dry mouth.

Our Premium Anti-Snoring Chin Strap will help you keep your mouth closed while sleeping and allow for better airflow through your nasal passageway. This effectively prevents snoring and dry mouth, which allows users to sleep more peacefully and uninterrupted from those symptoms.

Our Inhale Nasal Strips open up your nasal airways to increase airflow and reduce snoring for less nightly interruptions. Our Capy Patches are specifically formulated to help users fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

The Aveela Premium Anti-Snoring Chin Strap was designed with you in mind. It has adjustable straps located on the back and top for optimal comfort and fit.

The symptoms of snoring occur while sleeping as the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses, partially blocking the air passageway. Air passing through the restricted airway causes vibrations (snoring). Our Chin Strap supports the lower jaw during sleep, effectively keeping the airway open and unrestricted eliminating vibrations – no snoring!

Yes, Aveela’s Product lineup is compatible with most CPAP devices including CPAP Masks, CPAP Nose Vents, Nasal Strips, and more!

Your anti-snoring chin strap spends approximately six to nine hours on your face every single night. Avoid a build up of bacteria and grime by regularly washing your chin strap. To ensure that washing does not stretch the chin strap too much, hand wash or place the chin strap in a laundry bag before machine washing on a cold / delicate cycle.

Routinely cleaning your anti-snoring chin strap allows the strap to work exactly as designed. Additionally, a clean chin strap will not cause acne or irritation on the delicate facial skin.

Aveela’s Premium Anti-Snoring Chin Strap comes in three (3) different sizes; Small, Medium, and Large.

Additionally, the chin strap features two adjustable velcro straps for easy adjustment of the strap tightness for comfortable, nightlong support.

If you feel that your product either too big or too small, please reach out to us for a FREE Replacement of your desired size!

Yes! As not all sleeping products work for everyone, we are happy to refund you if you are dissatisfied.

If within your first 30 days of receiving the product you are unsatisfied with your experience, you may return the product and get 100% of your money back GUARANTEED!

Your satisfaction is our priority!